The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We view people as assets, not resources.

The Founding Fathers

Russell du Preez

Executive Chairman

Russell du Preez is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of the RussellStone Group. He holds a BCom Economics (Hons) (University of Pretoria) and recently earned his master's degree from University of Pretoria in Agricultural Economics. The active role he has played in the agricultural sector over the past 30 years has allowed him to build up a rich network of people and businesses, as well as invaluable experience within the industry. The industries in which he specialises include grain and oilseed trading, imports/exports and fund management. He is a well-rounded entrepreneur with a passion for promoting the fundamental importance of title in an economy. 

Deon Haasbroek

Financial Director

Deon Haasbroek has been the Financial Director of the RussellStone Group for the past 20 years. He is a Chartered Accountant (CA) by profession and is a director of various companies within the group’s portfolio. Deon is the driving force behind the RussellStone Group’s endeavours, bringing the best out of each team member.

Jaco van der Westhuizen

Director: Farming and Trading

Jaco van der Westhuizen is the Managing Director of the Pretoria branch of the Grainvest Group. He started his career in the agricultural sector in 2003 at the RussellStone Group as an Agricultural Trader and has since grown to become the trading manager over our entire agricultural supply chain. Jaco is a specialist in the grain and oilseed trading environment, and agricultural value chain integration.

De Villiers Kroon

Director: Trading

De Villiers is the Managing Director of Grainvest Physicals, the grain trading division of RussellStone Group. He holds a BCom Economics (Hons) degree with a background in BCom Money and Banking. He has been with RussellStone since 2003 where he started as an Agricultural Trader. De Villiers specialises in trading and the management of the grain groups divisions and he is an expert Agricultural trader.

The Next Generation

Prieur Du Plessis

CEO: RussellStone Foods

My RussellStone Foods journey started in 2014 as a perishable commodity trader. Since 2017 Rica Meats and the food value chains became my focus as part of the RussellStone Foods pillar. I am supported by a highly skilled, specialised and entrepreneurial team who strives to deliver ever-increasing value through every division of the protein and health value chains. I have a passion for business in Africa and the upliftment effect thereof, the opportunities in this market excite me and it is a personal and pillar goal to provide value-for-money, sustainable, and healthy food solutions to more of the market.
On a personal level I am a husband, father and when time allows a passionate weekend warrior riding off road motorcycles.

CJ De Villiers

Managing Director: Grainvest Physicals

As the Senior Trader at Grainvest Physicals, I've been a vital member of the team since 2014, where I've led a group of dynamic traders in a volatile commodity market, trading soyabeans, sunflower seeds, soyabean meal.
Despite starting my career as a professional cricketer, I've transitioned into the world of commodity trading, specialising in building lasting relationships and delivering exceptional service.
My passions include family, sports, hunting, and cultivating meaningful connections with others.

Johan Coetzee

Managing Director: RussellStone Treasury

I am the MD of Russellstone Treasury and have been part of the Group since 2009, leading a team of dynamic professionals in the financial services market.
The team specializes in Foreign exchange dealings, Risk Management, Money Market and Finance. I believe that we must give our clients solutions to have a right to exist in this market.
A Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) focused on Economics from the University of Pretoria gave me the steppingstone to start thinking out of the box and start applying my mind towards driving solutions.
I am passionate about family and a sports fanatic. I love a good challenge, be it mountain biking, trail running, or multiple disciplined sports.

Henk Otto

CEO: Seemann's Meat

Starting out in 2016 as part of the AAO “African Agri Opportunities” Fund – my aim is to be more selfless every day for others to benefit from a more fruitful service. As a qualified Chartered Accountant my day-to-day, my current role as Director at Seemann’s Quality Meats require a more operational role.
Most decisions made that will result in gains and losses, gets implemented at operational level which reflects on the measure of figures to determine the quality of the decisions made. It’s easy to be in service of the Group, as I believe in our core values and the company’s vision we are working towards each day.
From a business perspective my passion is employment, to grow the bottom line, to grow the business, to grow the workforce through effective employment that provides people with purpose and value. In my free time, I enjoy reflecting on the outcomes of every day and enjoy trying new recipes in my air-fryer.

Sonja Duvenage

Group Human Asset Manager

I began my role as Group Human Asset Manager in 2015, leveraging more than 20 years of experience in managing human resources. As part of my responsibilities, I oversee HR and payroll operations for the group, which includes managing a monthly payroll of R20 million. I am deeply passionate about people, and I strive to prioritise employee well-being and support self-improvement for all members of our team. A key focus of mine is cultivating a strong company culture, and I take great pride in our organisation's culture and values. As a current shareholder and member of the Executive Committee (EXCO), I remain actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the company.

Suzanne Colyn

RussellStone Group Financial Manager

Starting in 2015, I have been responsible for overseeing the Finance and Accounting function at RussellStone Group as the Group Finance Manager. Prior to this role, I joined the group in 2011 after completing my BCom Accounting (Hons) degree from North-West University Potchefstroom and articles of three years before becoming a SAIPA professional. In my free time, I enjoy taking on new challenges and enjoy spending quality time with family and friends.

Cornel Mouton

Director: Grainvest

Since starting out as a dedicated Grainvest Physicals trader in 2009, I have been passionate about both my work and my family. That is why I value the family-oriented culture in our workplace, as integrity and honesty are essential elements of our market, and I hold myself to a very high standard in these regards.
My academic qualifications include a BCom in Risk Management and a postgraduate degree in the same field. Through my education and experience in physical trading, I have honed my skills and expertise, aiming to provide effective solutions for our clients and exceed their expectations.
Aside from my work, I am a devoted Western Province rugby supporter and have enjoyed the sport for as long as I can remember. In my free time, I also enjoy camping and spending quality time with my family in remote locations.

Tilla Botha

Director: Grainvest

Starting out in 2010 at Grainvest Physicals – my 13-year journey within grain trading has been an absolute dream come true! Throughout my journey, the lessons learnt and experienced gained is in abundance, with learning something new every day in this ever-changing market. After completing my BCom post graduate degree in Marketing and International Trade, my career journey set out in Menlyn, Pretoria which led me to my first international trading profession. I have a passion for my family, of which the primary focus is my two daughters. In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis socially and trying out new recipes with my husband. I consider myself very honoured to be part of such a dynamic group of role models, that inspire you to give your best to achieve the legacy of 100 years – starting each new day.

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